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Blue Cheese is the name for a large group of different cheeses that have had the mold Penicillium added during production. Blue cheeses are typically made from either cow, sheep, or goat milk. They are often aged in caves or other temperature-controlled environments. The final product is cheese with veins or spots of blue, blue-grey, or blue-green mold.

Blue cheese was probably discovered by accident. The caves in which many of these cheeses are matured also have the right temperature and moisture levels for mold.

Many Blue cheeses often have a strong odor and a strong taste that may take some getting used to.

Partial list of Blue Cheeses

Here are some of the blue cheeses listed in our cheese guide:

The following cheeses have both blue and non-blue varieties:

Where to buy sells Cabrales, a blue cheese from Spain. sells several French Blue cheeses. sells several blue cheeses.


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