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Madrigal is pasteurized whole cow's milk cheese from France, sold under the President brand.

The cheese is semi-hard. It is covered in an amber rind with a straw-color interior, with lots of large holes, or eyes. Madrigal has a sweet, nutty taste. It slices and cubes well, and is often used on sandwiches.

Madrigal is somewhat similar to Jarlsberg and Emmental.

Sometimes you find it called "Madrigal Swiss", but the cheese is made in France, not Switzerland. The term "Swiss" refers to the large holes in the cheese, similar to Swiss Emmental and "Swiss" cheeses made in the United States and Australia. Madrigal's label (at the least the one for import into the United States) calls it "The French Swiss."

Where to buy

You can find Madrigal in several high-end grocery stores. We also found it online at or


Tova ross 2017-08-26 15:42:32

The cheese is exlent very good I all way buy the chessse and the butter I never know is connect the same company

Very good

Tova ross

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Brian 2017-12-02 15:48:52

While Madrigal looks similar to Jarlsberg and Emmental, the taste is very different. So different that there's not much point in claiming that they are similar.


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