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Boursault is a small, triple cream cheese from northern France. Boursault is made from cows milk and has a high fat content, making it very creamy. It has a rich creamy, buttery, slightly nutty flavor that is a bit salty with a slight citrus tang. It has a thin white rind with light penicillin mold similar to Camembert. It has a white interior and is sold in small cylinder shaped rounds.

Boursault is aged about 2 months, and then up to one more month in its packaging. It should be eaten within a week of purchase.

Boursault is a relatively new type of cheese. It was invented by Henri Boursault in 1953.

There is also a goat's milk variety called Boursault Chèvre.

Where to buy

Boursault is sold throughout France but may be harder to find elsewhere. You can sometimes find it at, but it's not always in stock. (You can click on the "Notify When In Stock" button and they will e-mail you when they have some.)


David Little 2011-08-03 18:09:20

I would like to buy some Boursault, mail order or in Houston. Any ideas where to get it?

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Leave a Reply 2011-08-04 10:22:04

Hi, David. I updated the page with a new link to a different supplier, since it looks like no longer carries Boursault.

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doris 2013-12-02 19:59:40

i want to buy boursault cheese. igourmet is always out of it.\nplease maybe you know someone else??? i live in boca raton florida

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Kent 2013-12-03 14:01:45

Hi Doris, I've found Boursault to pretty hard to find. I've had a little luck two years ago with igourmet's "Notify when in stock" button. I put myself on the list on August 2011, and they emailed me in October 2011 letting me know they had some. Haven't seen any since then.

Maybe if enough people request it they will get it in stock.

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Ken 2015-10-31 10:53:30

I would like to buy Boursault cheese but can't find it anywhere. I live near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Ken 2015-11-22 17:40:19

It seems ludicrous that in this day and age there is one cheese that you can not buy in North America. I would wager that millions of people would buy this cheese if it was available (especially if they tasted it), yet nobody is willing to sell it. It used to be readily available in Canada but no one will import it any more. The name of the cheese is BOURSAULT, and I challenge anyone to sell me this cheese at any price.

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NM 2017-09-24 16:52:06

I am a flight attendant living in Etobicoke. I can sell you the one in my fridge for $50 and can get you some more when I go this week. Let me know ASAP

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