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Camembert is a soft, creamy cheese that is similar to Brie. The cheese is good with bread, best served at room temperature, and should ooze slightly from the middle when cut. It is named after the village of Camembert, in Normanday, France, thought the cheese is no longer made there.

Camembert is made from unpasteurized cow milk, though there are many pasteurized varieties as well. The cheese is aged at least 3 weeks. The name Camembert de Normandie is protected by law, and to be labeled as such must be made from unpasteurized milk following certain procedures in specific areas of Normandy, France. Only 6% of the Camembert that is made in France is Camembert de Normandie.

More Information

Camembert fans may enjoy the book Camembert: A National Myth by Pierre Boisard. (You can read the first six pages for free at before you decide if the book is for you.)

There is also some good information on Camembert in Steven Jenkin's book Cheese Primer.

Where to buy

Camembert is a fairly well-known cheese, so you can find it (or its imitations) quite easily in many grocery stores. Unpasteurized Camemebert isn't sold in the United States and a few other countries, however.

You can also find Camembert for sale on line at several websites, including


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