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Purple Moon

Purple Moon is a six-month old Cheddar made by Fiscalini Farms in California that has been soaked in Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

The interior of the cheese is creamy white, with a purple marbled exterior. The six month old cheese has sharp cheddary taste complemented by the sweet taste from the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Purple Moon is a farmstead cheese, meaning that the cheese is made from Fiscalini's own cows in Modesto, California. The milk is raw, not pasteurized, which increases the cheese's flavor. Microbial rennet is used to curdle the milk.

Like Sage Derby, Purple Moon's distinctive appearance makes it a great addition to a cheese board. It also melts well and can be used in cooking, or in sandwiches.

Even though Purple Moon has been soaked in wine, there is no alcohol content in the cheese. (Great news for teatotalers and Mormon cheese lovers.)

Where to buy

We have found Purple Moon at several grocery stores in Northern California, including Nugget Markets.

You can also buy from Fiscalini's website.


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