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There are four PDO cheeses in Italy called Pecorino. They are sheep milk cheeses. Usually, outside of Italy, Pecorino means Pecorino Romano, which is by far the most exported of the pecorinos.

Pecorino Sardo is sometimes further matured with the help of live maggots from cheese flies, producing what might possibly be the most disgusting cheese in the world, Casu Marzu.

The four most common varieties of Pecorino Are:

Pepato is a Pecorino cheese with black pepper mixed in.


Neil Russo 2011-03-19 15:03:06


The word 'pecorino' is derived from 'pecore' which is the Italian word for sheep. Thus ALL Italian cheeses made with sheep's milk are pecorinos although the word pecorino isn't always in the name. Because there are three types of Romano, made with either sheep, cow or goat's milk, the word pecorino is added to tell you which of the three it is.

The three types of Romano are
1. Pecorino Romano - made with sheep's milk (pecore/sheep)
2. Vaccino Romano - made with cow's milk (vacca/cow)
5. Caprino Romano - made with goat's milk (caprino/goat)

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