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Lamb Chopper

Lamb Chopper is mild sheep milk cheese made in Holland for the Cypress Grove Chevre company in California. Lamb Chopper is made in a similar style as Gouda.

The cheese is light, off-white in color, with a wax rind similar in color to the cheese. It has a buttery, nutty flavor. The taste is mild, yet complex, with a lingering aftertaste. The flavor reminds one of Pecorino Romano, but less salty and much more mild.

You may find sources stating that Lamb Chopper is an American cheese, or a Californian cheese, neither of which is true. The cheese is made exclusively for a California cheesemaker, Cypress Grove Chevre. The cheese is made in Holland, aged 3 months, encased in a wax rind, and then shipped to California to finish aging. The cheese is sold at 4 to 6 months old, and can last up to 8 additional months if uncut.

Cypress Grove Chevre specializes in goat milk cheeses, and wanted to expand into sheep milk cheeses. A dependable supply of sheep milk was unavailable locally, and so Mary Keehn, owner of Cypress Grove Chevre, looked elsewhere to expand her cheese line. The dairy in Holland makes the cheese to Cypress Grove Chevre's specifications. Pasteurized sheep milk and vegetarian rennet is used.

Wheels of Lamb Chopper weigh 9 lbs. On the rind there is a logo of a lamb riding a chopper (motorcycle).

Where to buy

We've found Lamb Chopper in a few high-end grocery stores in Northern California. You can also purchase it online at


Ann Rogers 2014-10-29 18:28:49

I absolutely LOVE Lamb Chopper! I have an allergy to cow's milk, so I've been 'cheeseless' for quite some time. I tried goat's milk cheese, but it's just a little too strong for my taste. This sheep's milk cheese is just right for many uses! Hurray for Lamb Chopper!

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