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Huntsman is a combination of two English cheeses: Stilton and Double Gloucester. The cheeses are layered by hand, and completely encased in Double Gloucester.

Huntsman is a relatively new cheese; it has been made since the 1980's by the Long Clawson Dairy in England. The name Huntsman is trademarked, so if other dairies make similar cheeses they have to call it something else. For example, Stilchester is another brand of cheese that combines Stilton and Double Gloucester.

Where to buy

We've found Huntsman periodically, but not consistently, in high-end grocery stores with good cheese departments here in California.

If you can't find Huntsman in a local shop you can order it online at


Donna Lowy 2011-06-03 00:30:52

I tasted your Huntsman cheese and absolutely loved it. I want to know where I can get it in Central Calif.

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Kyle 2015-11-21 12:37:43

This cheese looks really cool.

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Maggie 2017-08-10 13:24:09

It\'s a favourite of mine. I asked for Huntsman's at Harrod's food floor in London, and was told, rather haughtily. "You can buy that in the supermarket, madam." OOPS. It's a luxury here in Canada, but obviously not upscale enough for high-end English cheese counters, though its origin is English. We have a new luxury food shop where we live, and he's going to order it for us. Nice to be in the land of the accommodating!

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