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Brocciu is a cheese from the French island of Corsica. The name is Brocciu in Corsican, or Broccio in French. Brocciu is made from a mixture of whey and goat or sheep milk.

Brocciu is often compared to Ricotta, as both are made from whey, though Brocciu is made from both whey and milk. Brocciu is a fresh cheese, usually consumed while it is a few days old. There is also a variety that is salted and aged until it becomes hard, called Brocciu Passu (or Broccio Sec in French). The aged variety is matured for about a month.

Brocciu is a sweet cheese, with a strong milk smell. It is eaten in a variety of Corsican dishes, or as a dessert.

We found several websites claiming that Brocciu is a lactose free alternative to Ricotta. We have our doubts about this claim, and until we find something more official looking we have our reasons to believe that Brocciu is not lactose free. Brocciu is made from a combination of whey and either sheep milk or goats milk, all of which contain lactose.

Brocciu is an AOC cheese, which means that in France, to be labeled Brocciu (or Broccio) the cheese must be made in a certain geographical area following certain procedures.

Where to buy

Unless you live in Corsica, Brocciu might be difficult to find. We found one online shop that sells it, but beware, the shipping price to the United States is quite expensive.


rachel 2014-02-18 15:08:09

When did this cheese start being made?, What time period?

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Kent 2014-02-19 12:46:07

According to this page here, the earliest written record of Brocciu is in the late 1800's, though the cheese has probably been around longer than that.

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Christine Wendel Farrugia 2014-05-19 17:59:12

Would you know where I can get a recipe to make it? I own goats and make chevre, feta, etc. Just got an email from a friend visiting Corsica telling me that she would drive from Maine to my farm in CT to buy it if I could make it. I guess if she is that passionate I better find a recipe! Thanks

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