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Cheese Review - Cheshire

I tried a small wedge of Cheshire Cheese when I found some at a local specialty grocery store here in Sacramento, California. My four year old son really liked it. I liked it, but it was not my favorite.

The Cheshire I bought had no date on the label, and I suspect that perhaps I would like a younger version of the cheese better, but I have no way of telling for sure how old the cheese was that I bought. My small wedge had a light dusting of white mold on the rind. I cut the mold off.

Cheshire is a semi-hard, crumbly cheese. The cheese I tried had a full taste, but was not overpowering. Its aroma was not very strong as well, which suits me well since I am not a big fan of stinky cheeses. It had a milky aftertaste that persists just a little too long.

The only reason that I didn't like the cheese more is that it left me with a very dry mouth. This is typical of older Cheshires, and this leads me to believe that the one I purchased was older than the usual 8 weeks old. I had to wash the cheese down with a sip of milk after every bite.

Most cheese experts will tell you that cheeses are their best at room temperature, and even the label on this cheese said the same thing. However, I liked the cheese better straight from the refrigerator. It seemed to dry out my mouth less that way, and didn't taste too dissimilar to many Cheddars I've tasted, except that Cheshire has a more milky taste to it.

I tried the cheese with crackers. I also tried the cheese with basil. The cheese overpowered the basil. My favorite way to eat Cheshire was by itself, and to eat it cold.

I intend on buying more Cheshire in the future, but next time I'll make sure there is a date on the label.


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