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Torta de la Serena

Torta de la Serena is a sheep milk cheese from the Province of Badajóz in the southern part of Extremadura in Spain. The rind is yellow and oily, while the inside of the cheese is soft and spoonable. It has an earthy, pungent flavor, and is similar to Torta del Casar. Torta de la Serena has been made since at least the middle ages.

Milk from Merino sheep is curdled with natural vegetable rennet derived from the flower of the Cardoon Thistle plant -- a wild version of the artichoke plant.

The name Torta de la Serena is protected in Spain and can only be made in a specific area using specific procedures. Each cheese is firebranded on top.

The cheese is aged at least 60 days. The older the cheese is, the creamier its center is.

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You can learn more about Torta de la Serena at this co-op's website.


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