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Sap Sago

Sap Sago, also known as Schabziger (especially outside the U.S.) is hard, green, conical shaped cheese that comes from the Glarus canton of Switzerland. The cheese has been made since a least the mid 1400's.

The cheese gets its light green color from the addition of the herb blue fenigreek, a type of clover that grows in Glarus.

The cheese is hard, and has a strong flavor and aroma. It is usually used as a grating cheese, over pasta or vegetables. It is sometimes mixed with butter as a spread on bread.

Where to buy

We've had a difficult time finding this cheese. Igourmet and list this as "out of stock" as of January 2013. Maybe they'll get some soon.


Gale Berens 2016-12-14 16:35:25

My grandmother use to buy a cheese in that design, it was known as green cheese. It had a strong smell but we would grate it on buttered bread but it tasted good. Would this cheese be also known as green cheese? Do you have this in stock?

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