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Reblochon is a soft cow's milk cheese from the Alps region of Savoie, France. It has a light beige to yellow rind that is covered in a light, white mold. It is usually aged 4 to 8 weeks. The milk for the cheese comes from the Montbeliard, Abondance, and Tarentaise breeds of cows.

Reblochon that is made in a co-op or factory has a red label and is called Reblochon Fruitier. Reblochon that is farmhouse made has a green label and is called Reblochon Fermier de Savoie.

Since the US has banned imports of soft cheeses from unpasteurized milk that have been aged less than 60 days, you cannot get Reblochon in the United States. Reblochon becomes bitter if overripe and would not be fit for consumption if left to age for the required 2 months. The closest Americans can get is a Reblochon-type Tomme Cheese from pasteurized milk made by the same cheesemakers that make Reblochon.

About the name

The name Reblochon means "to milk again." In the middle ages farmers of the region would pay rent and taxes with milk, cheese, and butter. Landlords or tax collectors would visit the farm to assess milk production. The farmers would not milk the cows dry, so that when the milk production was assessed, the quantity would be lower. After the landlord or tax collector would leave, the farmers would then milk the cows a second time. This second milk would be richer and creamier. Farmers used this milk to create Reblochon cheese.

More Information

Le Syndicat Interprofessionnel du Reblochon has a website about Reblochon. The site is in French, but even if you don't understand French, they do have an interesting video on the home page showing the manufacture of Reblochon cheese.


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waar kan ik deze kaas kopen in nederland.

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