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Raclette is a mild cow's milk cheese from the Valais canton of Switzerland. The name comes from the French verb racler which means "to scrape". Raclette is also made in France, in Michigan in the United States, and other countries.

Raclette is semi-firm in texture, with a dark beige rind and pale yellow interior. it has a mild, creamy, slightly nutty taste, and is aged usually about 3 - 6 months. It is made in 6 kg wheels. Raclette is great for melting.

Raclette is also the name of the dish that it is served with. The cheese is heated near a fire, on a raclette grill, or using a raclette machine, and then scraped with a raclette knife over small potatoes, gerkins (small pickles), sliced meats, and vegetables.

Raclette cheese also comes in white wine, pepper, herbs, or smoked varieties.

Raclette cheese received Swiss AOC status in 2003. That means to be made in Switzerland it has to be made in only certain areas of Switzerland following certain procedures. The name, however, is not protected in most areas of the world, and so Raclette cheese is made in several countries.

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