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Myzithra (sometimes spelled Mizithra) is a cheese made from the milk and whey of goats and/or sheep in Greece. The cheese is white in color.

There are three main types of Myzithra. Fresh Myzithra resembles Cottage Cheese, has a mild, sometimes tangy flavor. It is often used as a dessert cheese, served with honey and fruit.

Sour Myzithra, called Xinomyzithra, has a strong taste and smell, and is often served with strong liquor.

Aged Myzithra, called Anthotyros, is hard and granular. It is often used for grating over pasta and other dishes.

Myzithra was originally from the island of Crete, but other places in Greece make it as well. Traditionally the cheese is made from unpasteurized milk, but some commercial varieties are pasteurized.

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