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Mascarpone is a triple cream cheese (75% milk fat) originally from the area south of Milan in Italy. It was originally made in the late 16th century or early 17th century. It is often an ingredient in desserts, or served by itself or with fruit. It is a main ingredient in the Italian dessert tiramisu. Mascarpone is a soft cheese, and has a creamy-white color.

Mascarpone is different from most cheeses in that instead of using rennet to curdle milk, no rennet is used and cream is used instead of milk. Tartaric acid is added to the cream and the cream is heated. Many experts do not consider Mascarpone a true cheese.

Mascarpone does not have a long shelf life, and should be eaten within a week or so of being purchased.

Where to buy

More and more grocery stores carry Mascarpone cheese. It is usually found in small plastic tubs in the dairy section.

You can also purchase Mascarpone online at


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