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Kashkaval is a semi-firm, yellow sheep milk cheese. It is made in Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, and Croatia. The name comes from the Italian word "caciocavallo", the name of a cheese made in southern Italy.

The cheese is aged about six months, and has a tangy flavor. An interesting attribute of Kashkaval is that it does not melt, so it can be grilled. Kashkaval is usually served with olives.

In the countries where Kashkaval is traditionally made an eaten, the term "kashkaval" is often used as a generic term for any yellow cheese, whether it is traditional sheep-milk Kashkaval, or a cow milk cheese. Sometimes cheeses from those countries are labeled as Kashkaval-type cheese if they aren't the traditional sheep-milk cheese.

Where to buy

Outside of Eastern Europe and certain countries in the Middle East, the best place to find Kashkaval is online. You can find several types of Kashkaval (including cow milk) at


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