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Ibores is a firm, unpasteurized goats milk cheese from Extremdura, Spain. The interior of the cheese is ivory color with small holes throughout. The rind is grey or reddish yellow, depending on whether or not it is rubbed with paprika. Ibores is aged about 2 months.

Ibores is described as having a complex, zesty, warm flavor that is slightly sharp. It is somewhat acidic and salty. Some cheeses are rubbed with paprika and/or olive oil which enhances the flavor even more.

The typical size for Ibores is 700 grams to 1.2 kg. or about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds.

The name Ibores is protected by law in Europe. To labeled as Ibores, the cheese has to be made in specified geographical region, including part of the province of Cáceres, and the counties of Los Ibores, Las Villuercas, La Vera, Valle del Jerte, La Jara and Trujillo. Certain other procedures must be met, including using the milk of Serrana, Verata or Retinta goats and their cross breeds.

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