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Fontina is a cow milk cheese from the Val d'Aosta region of Italy where it has been made since at least the 12th century. It can be semi-soft to firm and ranges in flavor from mild and creamy to intense and pungent, depending on how long it has been aged.

Fontina is a 45% milk fat cheese, which makes it rich and creamy tasting. It also has somewhat of a nutty flavor. The interior of the cheese is pale straw yellow or cream color, with small holes. Fontina melts well, and is sometimes used in fondue. Fontina made in Italy has a dark brown rind. Danish Fontina is more mild, has a red wax rind, and a softer texture.

The name Fontina is not protected, so the cheese is made in several countries, including France, Denmark, Sweden, and the United States. The name Fontina Val d'Aosta is protected however. To be labeled Fontina Val d'Aosta the cheese must be made in the Val d'Aosta region of Italy from unpasteurized milk of a single milking.

More Information is a website about Fontina cheese.

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