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Campo de Montalban

Campo de Montalban is a semi-firm to firm cheese made in the La Mancha Region of Spain. It is made from a blend of cow, sheep, and goat's milk.

Campo de Montalban is very similar to Manchego. In fact, until 1985 it was called Manchego. As laws developed to protect the names of cheeses, it was eventually determined to be called Manchego a cheese needed to be made exclusively from the milk of the Manchego breed of sheep. Since Campo de Montalban is made from the milk of cow, goat, and sheep, its producers where required to come up with a new name for the cheese.

Due to its three milk blend, Campo de Montalban has a more complex taste than Manchego, as each type of milk contributes to the flavor. Campo de Montalban has a herringbone patterned rind, similar to Manchego. Campo de Montalban is aged about 3 months.


The video below shows a description of three Spanish Cheeses. The description of Campo de Montalban starts at about the 1:15 mark.

Where to buy

There are several places to buy Campo de Montalban online, including and


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