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Brick Cheese was developed in Wisconsin by the Swiss-born cheesemaker John Jossi. The cheese is named Brick Cheese because the cheese curds are pressed with bricks. The cheese is also formed in the shape of bricks.

Jossi made Limburger cheese in Wisconsin and New York. He wanted to create a cheese that had a drier curd than Limburger and use less bacterium linens that gives Limburger its flavor.

Brick cheese while it is young has a mild, earthy taste to it. Older brick cheese has a stronger taste, almost as strong as Limburger. Brick Cheese is perfect for slicing for sandwiches or grilling.

More information

Widmer's Cheese Cellars has more information about the history and production of Brick Cheese

Where to buy

Widmer's Cheese Cellars claims to be the only place left that makes Brick Cheese the traditional way, and that all other cheeses labeled as Brick Cheese are factory imitations rubbed with coloring to look like the real thing. As we don't know anyone that is disputing their claim, perhaps the best place to buy Brick cheese is from Widmer's website.

You can also purchase Brick Cheese that may or may not be authentic at


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